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Privacy Policy

Please carefully read our Privacy Policy to make sure that our website is completely secure for You and that we do not ask for any personal information about You until You want to contact us in order to use one of our services.

What personal information do we collect from You when You visit our website?

We collect those personal data from You which are needed for the order, which we keep for 24 months. This information is handled discretely and will not be shared for marketing purposes.

Do we use ‘cookies’ which track your activity on our website?

Besides the cookies necessary for ordering, we use cookies only which anonymously tell us the daily number of visitors, what kind of activity they performed, e.g. where they clicked. You can turn off cookies, but this can have a negative effect on your order and on the smooth browsing on our website.

Links to other websites

We use links in our advertisements which lead You to other websites and offer the services of another business. We do not take legal responsibility for the services of these businesses or websites, but at the same time we offer them because we ourselves are very pleased with the services they provide or the products they offer. We offer You only those businesses which we ourselves have tried and proven to be of high quality.

Browsing security

Our website seeks to offer the safest browsing experience both technically and legally. When our Privacy Policy changes, we inform You about it on our website in a clearly visible place.

Contact us

You can find our contact details under “Contacts” menu.

Last edited: 21-08-2017